Kahana Bay Tour

This trip begins with a paddle upriver through the Kahana valley stream through the lush jungle to a small rope swing.  There are incredible views of the mountains.  From there, we can paddle out to Kahana bay to see the ancient Hawaiian fishponds and catch some waves.  This is a great trip for families and beginners, but fun for everyone.

Why it is unique: Ahupua’a O Kahana State Park is the only park that contains an entire ahupua’a, an ancient Hawaiian division of land that runs from the mountain to the sea.  The stream is one of the few rivers in the island that can be paddled and the bay is the most beautiful on Oahu.

Time: 2 hours          Skill: Beginner              Price: $80 per person

Chinaman’s Hat Tour

This tour is a one mile paddle to Chinaman’s Hat.  On the island, you can explore the cove and tidepools, snorkel through the surrounding reef, or hike to the top for some incredible views of the Kualoa mountain range.

Why it is unique:  Today it is called Chinaman’s hat due to it’s unique shape. The Hawaiian name is Mokoli’i and they saw the shape as a poi pounder–from a story of an encounter between a boy, a hammerhead shark, and a poi pounder.  The views from the top are among the best on the island of Kualoa, one of the many dramatic pali of Koolaupoko.

Time: 2-3 hours          Skill: Intermediate              Price: $100 per person